Produce the Amusement with the Keen Smart AlcohKIT Windproof & Alcohol tester

The conventional cigarette lighter has been recreated. The USB lighter & alcohol testor is born! 

The coil lighter eliminates the necessity for fuel or disposing our used lighters. The rechargeable coil lighter is furnished with an automatic turn off and shell return for safe handling and pocket storage. 

Whether with your guests at home or at a social event- ALCOHKit from Keen Smart, can determine your blood alcohol content. It can be fun!


unique sensor technology detects the content of alcohol in your blood and in just several seconds it offers your intoxication level. The color signals identify the blood alcohol content spectrum you assess for.

Are you a contemporary smoker? Smoke in trend with AlcohKIT’s sharp fashionable design.

For many smokers a cigarette lighter is a collector’s item or conversation piece due to technology and designs on the shelf. Add the AlcohKIT breathalzyer and cigarette lighter to your possession.

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