Invoke the Fun with the Keen Smart AlcohKIT Coil & Blood Alcohol Tester

The normal cigarette lighter has been recreated. The windproof lighter & alcohol detector is unveiled! 

The Rechargeable lighter banishes the demand for gas or throwing away our empty lighters. The electronic cigarette lighter is fit with an automatic shut off and lid return for safe handling and purse storage. 

Whether with your friends at home or at a party- ALCOHKit from Keen Smart, can read your blood alcohol level. It can be great fun!


unique sensory technology identifies the content of alcohol in your blood and in just several seconds it shows your risk level. The color meters portray the blood alcohol content level you evaluate under.

Are you a stylish smoker? Smoke in trend with AlcohKIT’s crisp elegant design.

For many smokers a lighter is a collector’s piece or conversation piece due to technology and styles on the market. Add the AlcohKIT breathalzyer and cigarette lighter to your pocket.