About Us


About Us


Keen Smart was founded by an entrepreneur. After 16 years of being self-employed and living all over the country, the founder settled in the Northwest. Deciding to change careers and pursue his passion, he launched a products business as a platform for his inventions.


15 year old dreams of sitting with closest friends and colleagues brainstorming which ideas and prototypes to keep or to trash are finally here.


Keen Smart aims to launch more products themed around the founders' interest in quality kitchen and bar items. Moving into 2018, Keen Smart plans to expand the Primo Chef kitchen line and launch a new brand in the outdoors market. 


A large motivation for starting Keen Smart was to provide for those in need. There are abundant local needs on the horizon. This past year we experienced record growth with the local FEED THE NEED drive. We'd like to continue to expand our involvement in "Feed The Need" and Samaritans Purse's "Operation Christmas Child" program. In addition, one of the larger projects Keen Smart is researching, is building homes in South America for families without. 


Keen Smart sets big goals and believes the path to get there is developing top of the line quality products while treating customers like they are part of our team. The team leaving a better world behind. 

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mtn lake


There are so many amazing places in the U.S. but since there is something particularly breathtaking about remote and vast mountains, the Northwest holds a special place in my heart. The beauty never gets dull and it seems you can't ever see it all. I love backpacking to the most remote places with the best view and taking it all in for a few days. It allows me to appreciate fine dining, big cities and everyday "necessities" we take for granted.  ~Founder

Feel free to submit a brief description of your interest or hobby. We intend to develop a place to post customer responses. Support@KeenSmartProducts.com